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Refutation of Postmodernism

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Christians over-use Post-modernism as a category to lump together and dismiss views which do not agree with their conception of an absolute, knowable set of moral precepts. I  believe there are right and wrong actions. What I do not believe is that I can always know, 100%, whether an action is right or wrong, either before or after its effects are known. Everything is a percentage. Very high percentages either way functionally equal absolute certainty. I believe this stance reflects intellectual realism, not cowardice. Theologians assert the existence of simple absolute moral rules dictated from on high, then expend thousands of pages arguing over what these rules really are, how to apply them, what they mean and so on. This complexity constitutes a mysterious answer. The assertion that there are 10 simple rules you just have to follow to be moral is invalidated by this complexity. Simple principles are simple. I would define bad post-modernism to be exactly what Christians assert post-modernism is; absolute refutation of all right/wrong judgements of other people. Very few people, if any, really believe this way, however, because post-modernism is not a moral belief system. Post-modernism is a philosophical starting point, a blank slate, for an individual to derive their moral understanding.


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October 6, 2013 at 11:34 pm

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