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Lies, lies and damn history

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We remember the time of knights as if it’s some great thing, and forget the cruelties of the age. Perhaps it’s better this way, sometimes at least; but what would people write of us now? What great things would they write, and what lies would we  see them tell that, that we would recognize from our own rosy view of the past? The same lies that people back then would recognize in our view of them? Lies perhaps that are necessary, if a lie is to say that which is not rather then what is, to tell stories which represent the best of humanity and the world, and what we can imagine. Lies are crimes against reality just as challenging the established order is a crime against power. Reality can be changed, if not in the real world, in our minds and the stories we tell.


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December 5, 2012 at 12:08 am

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