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We humans are dimorphic creatures. Why have just one color of socks, when you can have white and black and wear them at different times, and other people and yourself can mark the difference between them. Why not have many different colors, many different changes; this is not a repudiation of the dimorphic idea that I just mentioned, merely a more complex whole of the idea, that there are many things set in opposition, some kind of tension yet often in harmony with each other in their functions. We embrace variety for its own sake and aesthetic perfection, of the kind we understand, as well, if these are the values that we have been given or that we have chosen. We choose things which can signal economic and social status, and we deny or scoff at, individually or as part of a group (group membership being tied to common modes of status, thought, belief or opinion) signals that we find unattractive or unnecessary, that clash with our aesthetic or utilitarian ideals.


Written by logand

November 5, 2012 at 3:23 am

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