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When I look at Ayn Rand, I see a philosophy which can be used for inspiration, which contains many great ideals, but is not something you should ever try to live your life by. Ayn Rand was reacting against the ideology of the Soviet Union that she had grown up in, and despite any claims she may have had that her way was totally logical and the only right way, it was not. Her life was wacked, it was inconsistent and hurt others around her, and there is no particular evidence that she was so much more happy or more successful than anyone else. She produced a great piece of philosophy which is dangerous if understood in many ways, including very likely the way she meant it to be understood, but which defined a new touchstone of thought. She thought something that had never been thought before and that is worthy of delineation, of respect.


Written by logand

November 5, 2012 at 2:30 am

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