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the anthropological mode of non-theistic thought

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I have been watching people for a long time, but I think I have not really looked at what they were doing, have not asked myself critical questions and experimented with the behaviors that I saw. Realistically, I just… watched. It’s a rather zen-like idea, to just “be”, and sometimes it really is (or was) a bit like that, although more often it was tainted by malaise and other malarky my brain was dealing with at the time.

The point is, an non-theist can approach the theistic society around them by simply observing, in the same mode as an anthropologist, not judging the behavior or questioning their beliefs; no, their behavior is simply what it is and the job of the observer is just to see what happens and try to understand why these people do what they do. What you do with your observations is up to you.


Written by logand

November 3, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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