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Automated Bicycle Racks: Walk up with your bike, insert into a slot, pull out the key and go. Could involve buy-in ($10 for a key, you exchange your private key for the key of the slot you used) or a credit card swipe. Cities could easily implement such a system. Racks should be wireless, so they can automatically send alerts for problems (bike left in rack for over 1 week, broken rack/vandalism, rack closed without bicycle in it).

Text to email – Be able to text an email to someone. SMS sending already exists (in gmail, for example), but not the reverse. [Edit: SMS Text to email already exists as a service from most mobile carriers, but is reliant on them and does not truly dovetail with the email system very transparently]

Longer Text Messages: Double the possible length of text messages from 140 characters to 280. This would let text messaging replace many functions of basic email.

Ubiquitous Wireless Internet: Low-speed (in effect, text/html only), ubiquitous internet which can be accessed by any and all devices. Mesh networks could be used to augment the network infrastructure. Could trigger a real communications revolution: Cheap internet-capable devices available to anyone, anywhere. There is real democratization potential here. Cellphones are wonderful, but they are usually proprietary, behind paywalls and are potentially a privacy nightmare (users data is associated with their devices, cellphones usually have GPS), while internet-only devices could be built cheaply, be cheap to own (practically free) and would not (necessarily) have any user information associated with them.


Written by logand

August 23, 2010 at 11:27 am

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