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Week 6/27/2010 – 7/03/2010

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Looking over the steering wheel out the tractor window

About to swing around a tree line; the tree on the left is actually over 10' away

This week finally ended the almost daily succession of severe thunderstorms which we’ve had for the last couple of weeks and gave me a chance to catch up with the grass. I decided to try double-mowing Garland and the Vacant Lots, which have been long all year and especially needed mowing because of the rain last week; Ted & I were able to handle the extra work without adding too much time to our schedules. Ultimately the intention is that the double-mowing will take almost the same amount of time as our previous single-mow schedule, because the shorter grass lets us shift into a higher gear, and we don’t have to go back over and re-mow areas to grind up the extra grass clippings. This was also the first week I shifted off mowing all the time, which should make my job more interesting.

I spent my non-mowing time fixing up areas where there are significant holes/ruts in the ground; this should make the mower’s  easier because we won’t have to deal with so many bone-crunching ground variances (i.e. big sinkholes). There is a practical rationale for this work, because it should let me mow faster and decrease equipment damage, not to mention how much easier it will make my job. Besides all that, it’s a great opportunity to get out and actually work for a few hours during the week and put my back into something again. Imagine driving for 8 hours a day… every day. I’m glad for a change in that routine.

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