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Salting the Cloud

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Cloud computing is all the rage, but having lived before the days of the seemingly ubiquitous networks I’m hesitant to trust too much of my data and my applications to something(s) which I don’t control.  A balance could develop, where devices store and analyze data locally, and communicate with cloud computing applications for resources and data. Devices store and analyze data, and communicate with cloud computing applications for distributed/service – everyone can find their own balance point.

With standard computers now powerful enough to easily run a LAMP stack and other applications, it’s relatively easy to setup quite a powerful system.  Relatively being the key word, and a big issue, I think programming and nitty-gritty finagling make the whole process too obtuse, unless you like mucking around in the technical details (which has its own appeal to people like me). I’m talking about a really powerful, integrated system here, not the type of pre-implemented applications like WordPress where you just follow the tutorial. What I am dreaming of is applications which will retrieve data from multiple networked and local sources, and allow the user to archive and display that data, and cut it up in various ways to analyze and use it, remixing, graphing and comparing in real time easily and smoothly, while enabling control of the process, especially for advanced users.

Call it Declouding Software. Software to archive and manage online data in email, twitter, etc., pulling data from all of these “cloud computing” services into which people are blithely dumping their data. Use the service, but keep your data.

You’ll need better software and better informed users then we have now to make all this power work. One of my goals is to have the knowledge necessary to put together and/or design the necessary hardware/software framework to enable this type of powerful information system.

Note: In case you didn’t get it, the title refers to techniques used to seed real clouds to induce rain, i.e. rainmaking techniques.


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March 21, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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