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Better Firefox

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I use Firefox almost exclusively, and as such have developed my own list of favorite extensions and tricks. Here’s the short list.

  • Super DragAndGo – a nifty little extension that will take any link (or selected web address in plain text) and open it in a new tab if you drag the URI to a blank spot on the page. Very useful if you’re going through a blog post and want to open up a page in the background while continuing reading, for example. If you click and drag an image it will download – quick and painless.
  • Bookmark Duplicate Detector – I have a huge collection of bookmarks, and this keeps me from getting multiple bookmarks to the same page, a huge help
  • IE Tab – useful for using IE-only sites or for web developers testing pages.
  • Tab Mix Plus – tabbed browsing with enhancements
  • All-in-One Gestures – a great time saver, enables you to do common commands by using mouse gestures instead of the GUI

Shortcut keys to remember

  • CTRL-PgUp and CTRL Pg-Dn – Flip through your tabs without touching the mouse
  • CTRL-L – Jump to the Address Bar
  • CTRL-K – Jump to the Search Window
  • Backspace – Back
  • F5 – Refresh (CTRL-F5 forces a “total refresh”, reloading the entire page without using cache, necessary for some new “AJAX-type” sites)
  • Spacebar and Shift-Spacebar – Page Down and Page up, respectively

Written by logand

May 28, 2007 at 4:42 pm

Posted in Software

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